10 April 2006

Finding myself

Over here!!

No, here!!

Under that document.  No that other document.

Ta-Da!!  Here I am!!

Sometimes, I can be rather self-absorbed.  I think it is because for so long, I didn't think of myself.  I didn't think I deserved to think of myself.  I didn't think I even had a self to think about.  And if I did, well, I certainly shouldn't be thinking about it, now should I?

So, swinging way to the other end of the spectrum, I became giddy with the notion that I have a self.  And it is ok to look at me.  And it is ok to think about me.

But, in the course of discovering more about myself, I sometimes focus on me so much so that I am blinded and deafened to the others around me.  I forget to take into consideration other people.  This can hurt other people, me, and my relationships with other people.  I need to learn that balance between self-denial and self-absorbtion.

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