30 April 2006

a partial update

i say partial, cuz i cannot give a full update.  there are a few things in the works yet and i want to wait til i have definitive answers before i give details.  also, there's just so much stuff going on that i don't think i can purge in one post!

my guy has one week left of class and then finals.  yea!  this is the first weekend we've spent together that he didn't have a ton of stuff to do for school &/or work for months.

his vehicle is on its last legs and there may be a newer vehicle in his future.  my vehicle has problems with either the power steering or a tie-rod end.  either of which can cause the steering to become harder and jerkier when making turns at more than 75 degrees.  my guy was/is thinking of taking my car with him on monday, but i'm not sure if he will, cuz the steering is so difficult.

my friend whose father died earlier this year is experiencing a new batch of problems.  her father's pension is too much income for her mother to continue being covered by medicaid but not enough to cover her nursing home stay, where she's been since 99.  there are several possible solutions to check into, but the timing is very odd.  the nursing home wants my friend to set up a trust fund which would give the nursing home access to the funds, and allow her mother to be eligible for medicaid once again.  otherwise they release her TOMORROW.  no pressure, huh?  her mother is bed-ridden, non-communicative, with advanced stages of dementia and severe schizophrenia, with a feeding tube, and in need of 24 hr supervision.  home care is not a realistic option.  so, we'll see what happens.  i think at this point, she is likely to set up the trust fund, but i am not so sure that signing it over to the nursing home is the best idea.  neither of us know much about trust funds, and aren't too sure who to turn to for advice.  i would think a lawyer or bank official, but given the time frame for the whole mess, that might not be an option.

also, this same friend will have a check-up and her brain scanned again, to be sure that the brain tumor has not grown and her cancer has not come out of remission.  that is among the last things she would need to deal with at a time like this.  she just needs to catch a break somewhere along the way!!

i'm in the process of pleading forgiveness for my student loans.  it may occur.  but i'll feel tons better if i were to have the final document in my grubby lil hands.  i think it may involve my first-born (thus far, non-existant) child...

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