04 April 2006

Time, a fairly fluid concept...sixth

alright, due to all the eMails that are flocking to my box about this whole thing that is suppose to be happening tomorrow, i gotta have me say.  you knew that was coming, didn't ya?  for those of you who didn't know, this is what is going on:

01:02:03 04/05/06
the third second after the second minute of the first hour of the fifth day of the fourth month of the sixth...wait not the sixth year...

since we are using shorthand for 2006, most numerologist say, it's no big deal.

still others dispute that the year is 2006, saying that we are off on our calculations  altogether. 

and other cultures base the year on their own political or religious figures or events.  i mean, isn't that what we did?  so to some, it is not even 2006.

some say that if we are going to use shorthand for the year 2006 (06), then what's to  stop us from using shorthand for 13:02 (1:02 pm).

many countries put the number of the day first, then the number of the month. So for many places, 01-02-03-04-05-06 happens at 1:02 a.m. May 4.

and then there is the whole daylight savings time thing to consider....

maybe i woke on the wrong side of the bed!!  or in the wrong year...  or the wrong

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