02 May 2006

The CarnivAOL's Come to Town!!!

A funny thing happened on my way to town...

I was on my way to town, cuz I heard that the carnivAOL (ecks eye eye)  was coming and I wanted to see the amazing Flat Scalzi and his Canadian nemisis Flat Paulzi when my vehicle became too hard to handle.  Now, I am blonde, so it took awhile to figure out that the CarnivAOL was not in town literally, but ya know in virtual J-land.  Go check it out!  You have no excuse, no matter what color you dyed your hair!

As for the Flats, well, you can track them down.  I did have all the pages open so I could put all the lil linkies in this entry.  But I have dial-up and it's not wise to open too many pages.  Besides there was a breeze and so I shut the windows.

Ok, so I adjusted my fan, and reread my opening paragraph (cuz I get distracted easily).  Say, have you tried that Lady Gray tea?  It's like her hubby's, Earl's, but with a citrusness.  That'd probably be the lemons.

Oh, my car?  So glad you asked!  How'd you know I was having car problems anyway?

So, I'm driving to town.  My steering gets very floaty, when going straight.  Very difficult, when turning right.  And I can't turn left, at all.  It was like driving a boat, in circles.

Long story somewhat shorter, Charlie called from the garage (where I am on first name-basis with all the guys, they love me, they really love me).  It's my rack-and-pinion and my pressure switch.  My power steering needs help.  My rack was always sufficient, I thought.  But apparently the boys felt differently, once they got to peeking under...

So to the tune of $600+ ,  I should have my vehicle back and be able to make those tricksee left hand turns soon.

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  1. We sure wouldn't want anything to wrong with your rack (and pinion) :D


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