23 June 2005

NAMI & the Silver Ribbon Campaign for the Brain

It's sleek, elegant, and classy.  It is a pin that looks professional enough to wear on my jacket's lapel.  It stands for anti-stigma, first and foremost.

"Always Wear a Silver Ribbon:
To show you care about someone with a brain illness
To help break down the barriers to treatment and support
To help eliminate the stigma against those who suffer
To show you believe there is HOPE
Through education and research"

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) has a website with many informative and helpful links.  Not only can you learn about various brain disorders and mental illnesses, you can also learn about what sorts of resources and support groups are available in your area, you can enroll in their FREE education courses (Peer to Peer and Family to Family, just to name two), what YOU can do to make a difference, and so much more.  I encourage you to educate yourself because chances are you know someone who has depression, bipolar disorder, or some other brain illness.  Help to fight the stigma, take the first step, arm yourself with knowledge; because knowledge is power.

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