20 June 2005

NAMI Peer to Peer Education

I have a notebook of information to go through from the workshop that took place over the last two weeks.  Most of the hand/print-outs are very straight-forward and do not require much attention.  However, there are a few pages that are very detailed and noteworthy, so I expect to get to them sometime this week.

The workshop was a good thing.  We had a few rough spots, but that is to be expected in just about any sort of gathering.  There were some light-hearted funny moments and some very intense, draining periods too.  Thing is, we all learned something and we all contributed something.

For me, I think one of the most important points I have made to myself is that I am capable of organizing and seeing something through.  I had a few moments of serious doubt, but I was able to push through those times and make adjustments for myself.  Every afternoon, I would come home and take a two hour nap.  I would then get up and do a few things and still make it to sleep at a reasonable hour.  The sessions were very tiring for me, but not impossibly exhausting.  Overall, the good and positive outweighed any negative.

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  1. You will never regret this and you will help so many people. I am immensely proud of you.   Anne


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