18 June 2005

Just a quick note

Last night, as I was hanging up the phone, I heard a man's voice.  It just about scared the crap outta me, and I was wearing my cute little cotton pj's with little red cherries all over em.  So instead of sticking near the phone, a sign of true intellegence...I rushed toward the front of my place in the direction of the man's voice.  This is just what Shaddow my almost 4 year old lab would have done.  Thank god it was Scott.  It only stands to reason.  But it was such a big huge surprise and a very pleasant one at that.  So, I just wanted to let y'all know that I'm still alive and will be updating very soon about the NAMI workshop that was, the NAMI workshop that will be, brain-surgery and other ambitions, and stuff like that.  Ok, I just threw the brain surgery thing in there to see if you were REALLY paying attention.  Huggles to all the dad's out there.


  1. YEP, I was paying attention all right. Have a good weekend.  Anne

  2. Glad it was just him :) . Interesting post below too.



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