29 June 2005

I'm a spaz, see...?

Ok, I am sometimes reminded, painfully, of just how much of a spaz I can be...

A couple of months ago, toward the end of April, I think, I was outside and managed to fall UP the concrete steps leading into my trailer.  I cracked my kneecap into the edge of said concretely immobile, hard step.  My knee swelled and turned lovely shades of purple, black (oh! yes! there are shades of black), red, and blue before fading to a sickening combination of yellow and brown as most bruises do.  I thought, given time and ice and elevation and naproxium sodium, it'll be fine.  Just fine.


So I am still having unstable moments (with my knee, I'm talking about here), where my knee feels like it is going to twist.  My muscles are twitching.  I have a soft squishy mass (how's that for medical terminology?) floating on top and around my kneecap.  Any time something brushes me, including the friggen bed-sheet, sharp stabbing pains take my breath away.  But all this is occassional.

So, Monday, I go see the doc.  She scolds me, I shoulda came in when it happened in April.  Yeah, well.  I'm a spaz, we are not entirely responsible or rational people.  She schedules me for Physical Therapy today.  I ask about x-rays, she says no, I go away.

So, I go today to see what I will see.  The therapist says that she doesn't like the way my knee feels.  I don't either.  She says that she isn't comfortable with it.  You're telling me!  She says that she would really like me to be x-rayed.  I go back to doc, get orders, and go get x-rayed.

Now, we wait.  The radiologist comes in at 8a (I'm sure s/he'll have other rays to read too).  After the radiologist reads said rays, s/he notifies my doc, who notifies me and the Physical Therapist...at least that's how it goes in theory.

IN other spazziness...

I went to the pig drawing site.  I drew a pig.  I reloaded to clear the drawing board a number of times.  Finally, I just drew as best I could, cuz my muscles were getting more spastic the more I try to steady them.  That sucks.

It's ok to laugh at my pet pig.  My friend's 6 year old daughter could do much better than me.  BUT, that's MY pig.  stomp.

Draw a Pig

See my pig and what it has to say about me.....


  1. Here's hoping all is well with your knee. I'm glad the T.P. thought that it should be X-rayed.    Anne

  2. stupidsheetguyMonday, 11 July, 2005

    Not exactly the place I'd want to see you for the first visit (getting XRAYS???) but I hope that'll soon be behind you! Easy on them steps next time.

    Like your journal! I'll be back again.



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