24 June 2005

NAMI (California) & Tom Cruise

Well now, it just doesn't get any stranger than this...at least, not tonight.

RE:  Tom Cruise/Access Hollywood

"Departing from his more familiar role as a movie hero, actor Tom Cruise recently made a foray into medicine," playing doctor of the day..."what you do is vitamins," Cruise asserts.

Yes, vitamins can sometimes supply helpful doses to the depleted systems, no doubt.  But,
"(b)ecause of sharp drops in hormones, as many as 80 percent of women feel some depression in the first two weeks after giving birth. For about one in 10 women, though, the depression grows more and more acute" resulting in post-partum depression.  These women " have a real illness one that needs treatment by professionals, not amateurs," the Houston Chronicle states.

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