26 June 2005

Boy gives birth to baby?!? NOT

Today must be the day for amazement as I glance through the BBC news.  A 16 year old boy in Bangledesh was complaining of stomach pains.  Doctors discovered a four and a half pound fetus that had formed inside him, with the exception of a head.

WHAT?!?  How is THAT possible?

Well, very rarely there may be a situation which arises in which two fetus develop as conjoined twins (as in the "siamese twins" scenerio); but, one fetus absorbs the other, resulting in a case of inclusion twins.  The absorbed fetus continues to develop, as a tumor would, inside the other twin--even after birth.

Ok, my thoughts are:

"Oh... my god"

and then

"good thing this is very rare."

I can't quite imagine the sorts of trauma the 16 year old boy and his family are enduring.  I can't quite imagine the situation.  What a very odd thing...

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  1. ODD??? YES!  Is the BBC press owned by the National Enquirer?  lol    Anne  (Coming soon to a Ripley's Believe or Not Museum near you.)  p.s. I hear that it is Tom Cruises' brother. haaaaaaaaa  


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