08 February 2011

project status: one side completed

 This afghan is folded up so that it makes it a tad easier for me to maneuver it while working on it.  What you see here is what would normally drape over the side of the bed.  I have a feeling that this afghan no longer is for a queen sized mattress, but has now grown to king size.  I mean, this is placed diagonally on the queen and still flopped over the ends!

This features a rendition of my husband's eldest son's artist's stamp.  An artist's stamp is what you'd see on the bottom of most potters' pieces.  It's a signature of sorts that shows creatorship.

Here you can see the stylized Ws.  It's actually the center gold marking.  I just replicated the stamp across the width of the afghan {actually the length of the side}.  It's a diamond with hash marks, but is actually W's {the family surname}.

So, I have one side left on this afghan and then this piece will be completed!


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