26 February 2011

new chair

My husband has been needing a good recliner for quite some time.  Something that will last and be sturdy.  So we'd stopped by Woodlawn a few times to get a few idears of what might work.  Woodlawn's school system merged with another a couple few years back, freeing up the campus.  Woodlawn Furniture, a large wholesale/retail facility, set up shop in the five or ten buildings.  Next to the main office is a large wooden board that most likely had been where the school posted announcements for the public.  Woodlawn Furniture's map is the entire board.  And you do need the map, cuz things are pretty well organized, but it is a large area to browse.  So we went to building five, where the recliners are, and took a look~see.  Twice, in the past six months.

This morning, my husband suggested going to a factory outlet here in Starkville.  I'd heard of this place, but had never been.  Flexsteel makes a variety of products, and some of their items end up a little off of perfect, but are still functional and in pretty good condition.  This chair was in the warehouse space they use for those items and also for bolts of upholstery {heavy material in a huge variety of patterns}.  For the price, comfort, durability, I'd say we got a good thing here!

Now that I know where the store is, I'll return.  There are a few bins of remnants, marked at a dollar.  These are very suitable for tote bags, purses, and other items.  I have a few projects in mind, so some Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, I will visit this place again.

My mother will probably come to visit in March.  She asked what project I'd like to work on, as there are a few areas in the house still unpainted {like the master suite}~~which is what her major present to us had been for our wedding.  I said that I thought a non~working visit might be nice.  She and I had picked up some material last October for me to make a slip cover for my sofa and also I had bought enough so that I can redo the seats of our dining chairs.  She suggested that we work on that project, which would be very nice, as my mom is a seamstress and I am not.  I could probably do it, but I'd rather have her input, as that is one area of her expertise!

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  1. Well, Deb, I see that you are as busy as ever with keeping your home. I love the chair!


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