07 February 2011

New bed

My Shaddow Lane has had her own sofa since she was a puppy over nine years ago.  The one she'd had out on the farm for the first few years of her life was given away at one point to people who needed it more than she did {wasn't that nice of her to give it up?  yeah, I thought so too}.  Since last year, she's been sleeping one an over~stuffed nice number.  I usually make it up with sheets and then when those sheets need it, I change them out.  I've got quite a few set aside for her, cuz they are for one reason or the other not good for human guest use, but fine for her!

But Shaddow is over nine now, and she is getting slower in some ways and stiffer and it hurts her sometimes to climb up on the sofa.  So my husband built her a lower bed.  We moved the sofa off to the side and one of my husband's children is going to pick it up when she moves into her new place this month.

The new bed seemed strange to Shaddow at first and it took some time for her to give it a try, but eventually she stepped up on it and circled about and got comfy.  Now she loves it.  It actually gives her move room to stretch out than the sofa did!  It's a bit wider too, so she can lie in a few different positions that she couldn't manage with the sofa.

When Shaddow was not having much to do with the new bed, she tried to fit herself onto Sophie's bed.  Sophie then hopped up onto Shaddow's new bed as though she were showing Shaddow that this is what ya do!  The other night, they were both curled up on the new bed, cuz they are getting along much better more often now.

Awwww, ain't thet kah~YUTE~ah?


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