16 February 2011

Puppy love

It's been a little while since I posted anything about Sophie, our almost twenty week chiweenie.  She romps about in bed when we first lay down.  Then she settles, usually under the covers between us, or by our legs.  As the night goes on, she gets a little too warm, and wriggles her way partially out.  So that she ends up in this position, as shown, with her head and upper arms out of the covers and her lower body still covered:  just like her humans!  It's just way too cute and I know that I have an unreasonably deep affection for her.  We spoil her and hold her and cuddle her and she just has this complete trust that she is the center of our world and that her safety is secure.

Even Shaddow indulges Sophie's play.  There are times when Shaddow is not up for messing with Sophie, esp when Shaddow is tired and wants to rest.  She gives a warning growl and then a nip in Sophie's direction if not heeded.  But every evening, the two canines romp about, mouthing each other.  Sophie fearlessly tugs on Shaddow's lips,  even putting her head inside Shaddow's mouth.  It's strange to see Shaddow let her do that!

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  1. I've had almost a year of puppy nonsense at home. It's exhausting.


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