17 August 2010

they're playing our song

I admit, some times, I feel like the older dude. I was just thinking back to when I was a child, my folks had a bright orange VW Bug and dad also had a pickemup truck...with an 8-Track player. Until I was a teen, my folks played their vinyls on a portable stereo in the living room. It wasn't til I was in my early twenties that I knew someone with a CD player, and I thought he was rich!

The other day, I mentioned to someone that I had no idea how the whole MP3 player, iPod, or whatnot worked. I think iTunes are played on iPod, and it's all done electronically and does not involve actual physical inserts anywhere along the line, unless you use your credit/debit card...but even then, you input the numbers rather than slide the plastic thru any device.

So here's the thing, I do listen to audio~books, generally on CD, from the library, while crafting and cleaning. That's about as hi~tech as my audio experiences go. One time, I did check an MP3 disc from the library, cuz my car has mp3 capability~~which I didn't realize at the time, til I went to use the MP3 disc on a plain ol' player in the house. It didn't work and I thought I damaged the disc.


whippersnapper hi~tech getting all jiggee wit it.


  1. If you get an iPod, please write a tutorial and send it to me -- I have no idea what one does with that stuff. I feel ancient just buying CDs like it was 1995 or something.

  2. Hmmmm! Birthday or Christmas idea...maybe?


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