01 August 2010


Sometime this winter, when I am literally freezing my ass off, I am going to look back and on this particular entry with fondness. Let me tell the me of then, this is not funny either! It's not comfortable. And if you haven't lost some of the fat, do so, right NOW!

Right now, at 6pm, it is 102 degrees, with a heat index of 112. I've had a headache all day. Jerry's eldest daughter sent over some muchly appreciated watermelon {ah, sooOOOooo good}. And Jerry's eldest grandchild cleaned out and refilled a huge water tub for one of our outdoor doggies. I don't know how any of them stand being outside, the dogs or the kids! Yesterday, I refilled the tub we have out there for the other outdoor dog. I'd bring them in, but neither of them fare well indoors. So we did the next best thing, lots of fresh water.

I stepped outside earlier today, and my head immediately exploded. We've been napping and resting all day, cuz really, what else would be a better activity than rest? These are the temps we have forecasted for the next several days. Enjoy it, Winter Debra.

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  1. Yeah. This past Winter was so godawful, that I swore I wouldn't complain about the heat. Hell with it! I'm gonna bitch!


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