08 August 2010


My Jerry, an avid, life~long Dallas Cowboy hater, is watching the game between them and the Cincinnati Bengals tonight when he had a slight switch~up in speech {Spoonerism} and called them the "Callous Dowboys".

My brain flipped into creative mode and I pictured this young geeky stock~broker in a suit with shoulder~pads and a helmet pictured in the lil box while the newscaster says, "in other news today, the Callous Dowboys are up by twenty~five points in the ongoing game between the Bears and Bulls. Who will will dominate the financial market this week?"


  1. Heh! Funny! Love whut ya did with my vocal flub!

  2. Try living with someone who's every sentence is a flub of some sort. A recent favorite: "You don't have to have fun to do drugs." Illustrate that one!!


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