02 August 2010

Jawing around

This morning, I completed the process and finally got my permanent cap on my #7. This is the tooth directly to the right of the front tooth. It's called the lateral incisor, I think....oh wait, google and wiki say that it's the {ahem} "the right permanent maxillary lateral incisor is known as "7"". That's dental~speak for "very noticeable when you smile/talk/or open your mouth" tooth.

I am very glad the process is finished. It looks good. My dental~folks are the best. I really like them and they have made this entire procedure easier to deal with. While I wouldn't say the process is pleasant, it was as painless as possible.

Right now tho, I feel like someone was wrenching around on my jaw. Well, actually, the lil tool they use to remove part of the implanted post's abutment and to affix the permanent abutment and cap is really a very tiny wrench. So literally, someone was wrenching around on my jaw.

Except, I don't have the two black~eyes that usually go along with that kind of jaw soreness.

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  1. Owww! Just keep in mind now that you can't take it out!


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