05 August 2010

King of the Hill

Alright, ya might have noticed my use of Stephen King's quote in the left side~bar, and altho I am a "constant reader", I've also been enjoying Joe Hill's stuff lately. Now, Joe Hill is King's son, and he used the pen~name, so that he wouldn't be riding on his dad's coat~tales, as it were. But anyone whose seen a picture of the two at about the same age, there is no doubt Hill's King's son. Since King has been publishing for a long time, his photo on his early and mid~career books is everywhere, it seems.

But I digress...Joe Hill's Heart~Shaped Box blew me away. It was a bit gritty and that's what made it real and relevant. So then when Horns came out, I got that. I really liked the premise, and I think that there were some really good scenes, but overall, I wasn't quite as gripped as I was with the former.

Then I read first Locke & Key graphic novel. I am not a huge fan of graphic novels in general, mostly cuz I think I probably miss the entire impact the author and artist intends. At least, I usually feel like that's the case. So when I started to take a gander at Hill's, I was very pleased that I think I got at least 90% of what they meant for us to get. And that meant that I really enjoyed it, I got a glimpse of what so many folks do with ease.

So when the second came in, I dove right in. And I'm beginning to feel that connect, that aha, that this is it! And I'm pissed now that the third book is gonna take some time to become available.

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  1. Yep. I agree with all ya said except that I've been reading and enjoying graphic novels for years.
    Love ya.


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