21 August 2010


My Jerry has been rapidly improving, so much so that most folks who see him now don't even realize that a scant two months ago, he'd been badly injured. Just last week, the ortho~dude said that he could begin to put weight on his leg. Currently, he is using a stability~cane when in public or at work, as folks may jostle him or in case he loses his balance. While here at home, he is able to move unassisted, as there are usually few folks around~~and those of us who are here, know to be cautious around him.

He's started to take on more of the responsibilities and tasks that he usually did in the past. For some time now, he's resumed the financial end of things, writing checks for bills and posting them. He's begun to cook quite often {the pizza from scratch tonight was divine!} and mentioned that tomorrow, he plans to wash some clothes.

Today, when we left WalMart, he drove home. It's the first time he has driven since the accident ten weeks ago. He did just fine. Tomorrow, he will probably try driving the lil GMC pickemup truck we have. It handles some different from the lil Yaris. It has its own quirks, like a steering wheel that sorta floats {instead of locking into place} and the pedals handle some heavier {no feather~light touch there}. But I think within the week, he'll be driving himself to and from work and physical therapy. I'm sure he is eager to resume the rest of his routine to normal too!

Jerry is way ahead of the healing curve and has progressed quite nicely, to say the least. We've removed the hospital bed, restoring the living space. He no longer needs a chair in the shower, nor one outside in order to assist with the toweling off and grooming details.

Pretty much every thing is up to par. I am so very proud of him. He is an amazing man, and I am so glad that he is in my life.

Love you, my sweetieheart.


  1. Sighhhh! Thanks Sweetie! You've made what could of been a much rougher recovery easier!

  2. Congrats on the return to normalcy -- bet you never thought you'd miss it!


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