13 February 2010

my sweet valentine

Usually Valentine's Day makes me uncomfortable, because I think it's pathetic that folks need to have a special day to remind them to be sweet to their loved ones. So I always try to downplay the importance that the other person might try to attach to the day, if I think that they are assuming that I expect them to be extra sweet to me on that Hallmark Holiday. However, I've also realized that sometimes that day gives the other person a chance to be extra~sweet, that they might attach extra importance to it because of their opinions and not because of what they think I might want.

Cuz it's not always about me.

My Jerry treats me like a Princess {yes, that's right, with a capital pink P} all the time. Like a few weeks back, I mentioned that I haven't been to an IHOP in awhile and was kinda wanting to go, cuz I love pancakes. So the next morning, Jerry made a big ol batch of sweet pancakes that were so delicious. Since then, every Saturday morning, Jerry gets up while I sleep in, and makes me pancakes.

I KNOW, soooOOOooo sweet, right?

And most days when I finally stumble into the kitchen, he has the tea pot all ready for me to throw the switch and let it brew. I love that! It's all those things that make me extra happy to be his missus.

I'd asked him not to spend lots of money on me, cuz I'm not too keen on that sorta stuff anyway, but also cuz earlier this week, we blew lots of money on my mouth {Monday was a very busy, painful, and expensive Dental Day~~it's a good thing I have 31 perfect teeth, and hopefully after this entire thing is over with, that will be the END, that's that}. Jerry agreed, but he'd already gotten me a cool t~shirt that he gave me as soon as he got home from work on Friday, along with a great card {that made me go, awwwwwwwwww, sniff sniff}. The t~shirt has a pic of a starlette from the thirties or forties, lounging on her fluffy bed with pink feathery robe and slippers and her blonde hair all curled up and all. The caption says: Damn, I'm good in bed; I can sleep all day!

So we started Valentine's early! This morning, I came into the breakfast nook and he'd set the table already and had brewed a pot of Irish Breakfast for me, and the hugest platter of the fluffiest pancakes evah sat in the center of the round table. Since we read to each other, he got the book and read a few chapters while I ate. Then we went back to bed, so I could snuggle and get warm again, and he continued to read to me while I cuddled with Princess Pearl {we're spoiling her even more now that her buddy Harley isn't here}. She is mostly white, with a mask of black and tan. She's a chihuahua mix that Jerry had given to his late~wife years ago. She loves to be cuddled and especially loves women to do the cuddling. I think that's mostly cuz guys don't tend to cuddle. I'm just saying.

At some point, lulled to relaxation by Jerry's reading voice and Pearl's softness tucked against me, I fell asleep. After awhile, Jerry woke me up, and we went to town to see a movie. Jerry really surprised me cuz he chose "Valentine's Day" which actually was pretty good. Afterward, we went to Applebee's and he had steak and I had pasta and it was good to be able to enjoy being together {he even let me eat all his broccoli}.

Now we are all settled in at home, with some hot beverages, in our jammies. We watched a TiVo'd comic and now he's watching the MSU game while I'm online. This weekend has been awesome.

{Quit wretching!}

I love you, my Jerry.


  1. Yay! There are sweet people left in the world! And you found one!! Maybe it's a pretty pointless holiday, but so what? Pointless + sweet ain't such bad things.

  2. Ahhh! I love you too! But you keep posting stuff like this and I'm gonna get the big head. - - - and little hands!


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