19 February 2010


dudes! i just crocheted two chain~mail hoods. the first was following this pattern. my stitches tend to be more relaxed than the tension she must have had for her demo, cuz mine was fit for a large adult noggin. which is cool, esp if My Jerry's daughter's husband does grow out his dreads. the second one i did is a purplish~pinkish soft yarn that i know his daughter adores. i adjusted the sizing so that it will fit her, and be more flattering to her face. i've not yet taken a picture of it, cuz i wanted to wait til i have a nifty had done for My Jerry's daughter. i have several selected as possibilities, including a Cthulhu, a flying spaghetti monster, castle crashers, and/or an earflap hat with a twist. decisions, decisions.


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  1. Oh yes! I want to see FSM in yarn form! Hurry with that! ;)


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