10 February 2010

the lil'est lil bit


Monday I visited the periodontist who implanted a screwed post into my upper jaw and then stitched it up nice and tight.

Then a few hours later, I visited my dentist who affixed a temporary abutment and crowned it.

I have strict instructions that the temporary stuff is for looks only til the jaw bone heals properly to support the use of permanent fixtures. So no biting and chewing and all that other good stuff that would either break off the temporary or dislodge the screw or both.

My face felt fine until the drugs started to wear off and then it felt just a bit tingly as the nerves began to waken. And then, the jangling started and then there was a star~burst of swollen pain that settled into my face after first radiating out of the top of my head and serving as a beacon for the Longview and Bradley communities.

All that I can deal with just fine. FINE!! dammit i said just fine.

But there is this tiniest portion of suture that is poking me in the tongue. It's not long enough to thread thru to the front with all the other stitch remnants. I can't cut it because then the stitch will unravel and I need it for another few days at least, reconstructive gumwork, doncha know.

So I can deal with the all the swollen gums, the aching jaw, the sinus pressure, and the throbbing. I can deal with all that suture knotted up and making a mess of my smile as the tangled ends stick out every which way when I talk so that it feels like I have a mouth full of embroidery floss. I can deal with all that. But that lil eighth to a quarter of an inch slender stitch is poking the shit outta me.

Proof that it really is the lil things that can rub ya the wrong way.


  1. Ouch!! You have my sympathy and empathy...I know from mouth hurt! Try to look at it as the pain you're having now is for a good cause. The pain from doing nothing would one day be so much worse.
    Feel better.

  2. Poor baby! Maybe a good neck rub would help. Couldn't hurt!

  3. Owwwwwwwwwwwwww. jUST READING THIS MAKES ME WANT TO CLIMB UNDER THE COVERS AND STAY THERE. And tomorrow I have an early morning dental appointment. One I'm not looking forward to. Well, come on, when do I EVER look forward to a dental appointment? But this one is a Big Deal. So, you have my total sympathy and empathy. Hang in there.


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