15 February 2010

and they call it, puppy love

Shaddow has always liked little dogs and would attempt to engage Jerry's lil ones in play. However, the lil dogs didn't know what to make of that. Pearl would follow Harley's lead and bristle when Shaddow would get all playful. So Shaddow had no playmates after I moved here from the farm.

However, Harley disappeared a few weeks back, and Pearl misses him almost as much as Jerry does. She's started to get much more friendly with Shaddow. They often sleep on the same couch and both climb up on the bed with us most nights. Usually tho, Pearl doesn't cuddle up to Shaddow.

Last night, I spent some time loving on Pearl and then decided to spend some time with Shaddow. Pearl horned in and so I pet them both at the same time and then when I sat back to crochet, Pearl stayed all cuddled with Shaddow. I was afraid to move, to get the camera, cuz I didn't want Pearl to jump down and follow me, which is what she usually does.

So Jerry went and got the camera and took a few shots. Here are The Girls. It seems Pearl is warming up to Shaddow now.

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  1. We pet-owners always have those moments when we
    see an animal so cute and/or out of character that we MUST document it because it might not ever happen again. Often I just have to bookmark the image in my brain because the camera is nowhere close by.


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