23 February 2010

another critter~hat

Jerry's eldest daughter's daughter is having a birthday next week, she'll be six! So I decided this afternoon to make her a critter~hat. It kinda reminds me of a maroon and pink cookie~monster. I hope she likes it!

And if she wants, the pink nub of a nose and pink googlee eyes can be removed and then she'll have a feminine chain~mail hood. Or a white MSU can be affixed and she'd have a girly~helmet to show her team spirit. I know it's kinda late in the winter, but we'll have some cold days left this season yet, and there is always next year too!

That is, if she likes it.

At any rate, I hope she has a...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

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  1. He's sort of a crazed gingerbread man...in a good way. I call him Murba, because that's the word verification I have for this comment. ;)


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