28 February 2010

dethroning The Royalty

All day long, My Jerry and I kept thinking there was something we were forgetting. Then, *BOOM*, it occurred to me. We meant to go get the local paper. Cuz they were gonna rerun the corrected version of The Wolf Wedding.

The paper will run your wedding story up to six months after it has happened. They have a six page form with all sorts of detailed questions about the wedding, who wore what, and the honeymoon. There were many questions that I didn't feel were relevant like where I went to high~school and who my grandparents were on both my mother and father's side of the family. Since our wedding was slightly different than a traditional first time young~adulthood, I didn't feel confined to the form. Especially cuz at the end of the form, they include this note that they think the more detail, the better as they are attempting to appeal to the human~interest/lifestyle angle of things.

So I wrote our wedding story as tho I were just writing to a friend and letting them know how it all came about and some of what we thought was important {like involving his children and his best friends} and things that might be more special and unique to our wedding {like asking the guests to bring, in lieu of gifts, their favorite side~dish to share at the reception}. I told the tale in true story form, rather than simply filling in information. Then, I glanced over the form to see if they asked things that I'd forgotten but wanted to include {this is why there are a few places in the article that aren't quite as smooth in transition as it could be}. My Jerry liked the story and he sent it to the paper's lifestyle editor.

We asked that it be published on Sunday 21 February as that is when Jerry asked me formally to marry him last year. We were so surprised to read the article last week, cuz it was there in its entirety and accompanied by a color photo {we'd thought black/white was the only option}. And it was a full past~the~fold half page!

But what we were the most surprised about was that the first person references did not all get changed over into the third. I didn't know that the paper was going to run the story as I wrote it; otherwise, I would have written it in the third person to start with and been a bit more selective about certain phrases and factoids. The oddest part was not even that it toggled between first/third; but half~way thru the article, The Kings appear.

My Jerry's mother was more than a little confused and asked us if she had met The Kings after she read the article. We explained that perhaps the editor forgot she was referring to the Wolfs when she was proofreading and now we are royalty. I giggled over it, but My Jerry was a bit upset and I can see his point; we wanted to have a nice keepsake instead of a joke.

So the new corrected version that ran today is available as well online here. We are The Wolfs once again. But My Jerry will always be My King.


  1. Add this story to the many wonderful true-love memories that make up a marriage. Love it!

  2. AwwW! And you will always be my Queen. (Plus - don't forget the princesses - Pearl & Shaddow)!


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