15 February 2010

ah ben kulturified

Today started with me in the chair having my sutures removed from my mouth. The dental hygienist was perhaps having a bad morning, as she was a tad on the abrasive side and ended up fighting with a particularly long suture so much so she actually tugged my temporary cap off. sigh. It wasn't a problem as my dentist at the other office fixed me up in a jiff. I really like him and his staff, yea Team Ferguson!!

Then because it is the Third Monday of the Month, Between the Pages met and I was all giddy. Three new readers joined in the discussion and our fledgling book group is thriving quite healthily! Today Sinclair Lewis's Main Street was our title. Next month, we are reading Dai Sijie's Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress. And we chose Kristin Hannah's True Colors for April.

My Jerry had scored some free tickets to the Chamber Orchestra Kremlin, part of the Lyceum Series at MSU, So this evening, we had excellent seats {thanks, Ron and Thelma!} to enjoy the show. The attendance was a bit lower than it perhaps could have been, in no small part due to the cold temperatures and folks not wanting to venture out in what constitued at a blizzard for all of half an hour rii'cher in Mississippi. And it is quite the shame that out of 18,600 students, so few took advantage of the free admission that they are granted.

As for the Orchestra itself, I enjoyed the evening's show. I'm not a classical or string music aficionado, so I didn't get all swept up with emotion and burst into tears of joy, passion, and exuberance. But I did enjoy the evening. I liked being able to sit with My Jerry and hold hands and let the music bring to mind cartoon characters dashing across the screen and picture tiny mice creeping along and then scurrying off in the best of Looney~Tune fashion. Somehow I don't think that was Rachlevsky's intent, but I know that there were at least a few of us giggling with mental pictures of Warner Bros. insanity.

"--Feb. 15, Chamber Orchestra Kremlin, one of Russia's critically acclaimed string ensembles, performs in concert. Formed in 1991 by conductor Misha Rachlevsky, the group has recorded more than 20 CDs, including the music of classical and contemporary composers."


  1. Not something I would want to go to every day - but I did enjoy it. Love ya baby!

  2. I didn't attend any free cultural events at my college except for a few foreign films. I was too busy working and being a young dumbass! ;)


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