14 November 2009

oh yeah, it's my birthday, oh yeah

My Jerry had decided earlier in the week to celebrate my birthday today.

My b~day is Monday, but that evening, I meet with my book~club {Between the Pages} on campus at the Barnes and Noble {*plug*plug*} at 5:30p to discuss "The Secret Life of Bees". If you'd like to join us, you are more than welcome!

And I was born on a Monday, which was a good thing because Tuesday's child is full of grace and we all know...that ain't me.

Not that I'm all that fair of face, either. Wouldn't stop a train, but wouldn't launch a thousand ships either.

Aaaany way, so my Jerry had asked me to pick a place for lunch and pick a movie to see for a matinee.

I was having problems making decisions, which is what happens when I get burnt~out. And he thoughtfully sent me the link for the local movie~house. I picked the Season's Greedings above, a 3~D retelling of "A Christmas Carol". It was OUTSTANDING!! Except ya know, after that long with some of the aerial shots swinging to and fro, I started to feel a bit queasy. And Jerry loved it too, but after that long with the glasses {"do NOT use these as sunglasses, ONLY wear in theater"}, he started getting a headache. What can I say? We're old.


In an attempt to be helpful with narrowing options to make any decision making process easier, my Jerry told me Friday that he thought Applebee's, Bulldog Deli, or Mi Hacienda would be good choices. I agreed that any of them would be fine and told him Applebee's. But last night, I had this weird~ass dream that involved thick hanging ropes that swing out into swim~holes, kids in sun~suits, and we were all decked out in our fifties outfits and automobiles. That'd be the 1950's. I think it was a combination of the book I just read {set in '64, with flashbacks to the early 50s}, the interview I'd heard the other day on NPR {membrances of the 30s and 70s}, and the end of summer days {temps in the 70s}. It's odd how the mind works. Well, mine anyway.

So this morning, when I woke up, I got dressed and went to seek out my Jerry {he was in the addition, swapping out light switches, outlets, and face~plates}, crowing, "change of plans! finish that and grab yer boots, we goin fer a drah~ive" yeah, i don't know where that heavy drawl comes from either, but it surfaces every now and then and extra syllables start inserting themselves into every other word, while other words drop their endings.

I drove him down to Lake Tiak O'khata, which is a family~owned resort straight outta "Dirty Dancing". I swear we drove past Baby and the crew taking line~dancing lessons. I love this place. I absolutely love it. In fact, I don't think I've ever spoken with anyone who's been there that doesn't adore it beyond belief.

We had chicken, hamburg steaks, cabbage, fried green tomatoes, salad, tea, coffee, caramel pie and sat out on the veranda. For the most part, we had the open porch to ourselves, so we read to each other and talked and just enjoyed being there. It was perfect for a special birthday!

Afterwards, we drove back up to Starkville and picked up a few treats for the movies {black licorice for me, corn nuts for him}. Then we sat in the theater, reading until the movie started. And it was great. I know we just had Halloween. I know we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet. But go see the movie. With or without the kids. You'll enjoy it. Check it!

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  1. Yes, indeedee! Had as good or better time than you. Love ya Babeeee!


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