25 November 2009

baking bread MeMommaMia's way, by feel, a dash of this, a pinch of that...and lots of love

Well, a slight change of plans for the day resulted in my delivering the cookies to various folks and wishing them a very happy Thanksgiving. Then, I came back home, changed into comfy jammie~duds, and got busy baking More! Cookies! Yea!! My dear friend came over to visit us while my Jerry got his bird {everyone knows, it's the word!} ready for the roaster and I baked some delicious lemony soft moist cookies with peanut butter morsels and milk chocolate ones too. So good, it'll make your mouth happy! After she left for the evening {she'll be joining us tomorrow for dinner}, I baked a double batch of carrot~spice with butterscotch. Yummmmmm!

Then I took a brief break and eyed my bread bowl, and my bread board, and my proofing bowl, and decided that even tho it's later in the evening than I'd usually get started, mmmmmmmmmm bread! So, right now, the dough has rested the first leg and is now rrrrrrrriiiiiIIIISSSSIIINNGG. Then I'll punch it down and knead it a bit and tuck it back in to its warm bed and let it rise again. And so goes the process of bread, wonderful baking of bread!

Tomorrow, I'll serve fresh loaves with our turkey, gravy, dressing, and cranberry~jelly. We'll have cookies for desserting thru the afternoon. And everyone will take plenty of left~overs home! The bird is 23 pounds. And there will be five loaves of bread. And there are about fifteen dozen cookies.

I'm really looking forward to making merry with family and friends! Hope you have a very sweet Thanksgiving too!

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  1. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving right here at home with our 'usual' crew. Hope your day was great too.

    I used to love to read your posts about break baking ... all last winter they kept me toasty warm!


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