24 November 2009

more cookies!

I made some cheater~cookies this evening and already they are gone.

Ok, lemme tell ya what cheater~cookies are. Some folks call them big fat cookies. They are very very simple to make. Ya take a box of dry cake mix, any kind. And then ya mix in a container of sour cream. It'll be super moist. And then, ya mix in an add~on. And POOF~~cheater~cookies!

Now what's an add~on, ya say. Gee, I'm glad ya asked. Well, an add~on is any thing you want. It could be chocolate chips, or nuts, or coconut, or raisins, or ... well, you get the idea.

And you say, how is it possible that all the cheater~cookies you just made within the last few hours are gone? Cuz I've already arranged plates to give to friends and some other folks who I hope have an awesome Thanksgiving!

And an extra special plate goes to my general practitioner. She's been my very favorite doctore, ever!! Every year, I take cookies into her office for the very friendly, efficient staff. Last year, I took her pina~colada cookies that she still raves about. The last time I saw her, two weeks ago, she asked if I would make her some more, just for her, that she wouldn't have to share with her staff.

So, tomorrow, I'm gonna deliver her some Tropical Cookies. I started with Pineapple cake mix, added in some sweetened coconut, and then a couple banana cream pudding mixes. She's gonna love them!

Now, I'm off to do some Cran~Orange with Raisins and a Secret Ingredient {mmm}. toodles

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  1. I never, ever heard of cheater cookies before. How big a container of sour cream ... small or large? Sounds fun and interesting!


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