05 November 2009

alan stuart

there is way Way WAY too much to include in just one entry, so i'm not even gonna try to squeeze it all here, now. the wedding was lovely, over way too fast, and before ya know it, all our guests were packed up and we saw them off. in a funny turn of events, we decided to head to natchez for the brief honeymoon.

see, my jerry wants to do a cruise. and so i asked if we could do it next year, on our first anniversary. so many folks i know are exhausted after their wedding, and are too tired to really enjoy an action~packed honeymoon with activities and events scheduled. they are bound and determined to get their money's worth, but are so exhausted so they don't get as much fun out of it as they thought. so i thought, let's put it off for a year, and that way, we can save up and do it up right.

so we decided to spend a few days away from the house, somewhere quiet and slow~paced and just mosey on by. sleep, nap, read, eat, rest, veg~out. ya know, be still and recuperate from the planning and then the wedding guests and all that.

great idea, and so we decide to go to grand isle, lousianna. we made reservations, and since it was off~season, we got great rates. then, on friday, we get this call that went sorta like this: man: uhm, yeah, so the army corps of engineers are digging up a trench in the beach and my wife said that i should call you cuz it's not appropriate for newlyweds to not have access to the beach. you could actually picture his wife brow~beating him into making the call. it was so obviously against his will, and yet you could see him just cringing away. it was funny, and he seemed soooOOOooo relieved when we were all like, "yeah well, ok, thanks, see ya some other time" without throwing a shit~fit.

instead, we decided to check out natchez, since neither of us were that familiar with the town and wanted to do something that would be special for us together as a couple and also fun for each of us as individuals. so instead of leaving on sunday, after saturday's wedding; we stayed and saw all of our guests off on sunday, and left out on monday. we ran some errands on monday first, including getting my new driver's license, and my military id, and a few other things along those lines.

then we hopped on the Natchez Trace, and headed down the road. yea!! that first night, since it was dark when we got to natchez, we stayed at a motel. then tuesday, we drove around town and the surrounding area. we decided to stay in a bed and breakfast for the rest of our honeymoon and we had a great time! we definitely want to head that way again, for sure!!

now about the title, Alan Stuart...

among the places we wandered into, there was a store that had a little of everything, and most of it was priced thru the roof. fortunately, i'm not the kinda gal that sees something and goes, oh gee hon, i simply must have it to add to my pile of stuffs. in fact, my jerry can now recite the following along with me when i point something out and say, "oh that's neat...BUT I DON'T WANT IT"

having said all that, while we were poking around in the store, we came across a lil bag, like this one in size, and style...but with the maroon color and the MSU logo {as pictured above on the wallet}. it was on clearance for five bucks. i'm not a purse kinda gal, but it was the perfect size for a small notebook and a lil mass~paperback; and since i'm always reading and writing, this was just the thing.

apparently these alan stuart handbags are all the rage on the internetZ and not only did i get quite the steal, but it's just the right size, and made of durable material {a pvc~like substance that is easy to clean}. i finally get the whole, "omg, i found this great bag" thing.

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  1. LOL! sounds like a busy week and an fun honeymoon. Just right as far as I can tell.

    So, you've joined the bag ladies! Only has to be one instance of getting it to know ...


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