09 November 2009

euw's ooze...krappee kruddZ

Over the weekend, Jerry moved most all my stuff from the farm to his place {"our" place, he insists...it's gonna take me awhile, but i'll get used to thinking and saying that too}. So now there are boxes, bags, tubs, and stacks of books everywhere. Definitely have my work cut out for me!!

Yesterday afternoon, my allergies kicked into high gear. Some of it is probably all the dust and stuff that got stirred up when all my stuff was brought in. Some of it is due to the season, the crumbling decaying falling leaves. Some is most likely due to the fact that I'm feeling some worn down from all the high activity of the last few months.

Jerry was feeling sorta snotty too, and he made pot after pot of piping hot tea for us to drink. He seems to feel all better today, while I feel worse for wear. He went back to work, after having been off for about ten days. It was a day of catch~up, made some hectic by the regular Monday workload, and some more so by the fact that the semester is in the home stretch and many students are working on many things, so they are using the library even more than it usually is; all of which means today was a nasty day at the office.

I'd already had an appt with my GP scheduled for today, so I just took my snottiness to the doc and she assured me that it wasn't an infection yet, but stay on it cuz things mutate quickly in my system and what starts out as a few hay~fever sneezes in the morning progresses to chest~congestion, sore~throat, and other lovely aches and pains by the afternoon and ending the evening with me huddled in my chair with heating pads, mentholated rub, tissues, tea, and afghans. yuck.

So I thought I'd check my eMail before heading off to bed, and my childhood friend who came down from Ohio for my wedding had sent some pix! They were the first ones I've seen from our wedding, so I was really touched! There is even a shot of Jerry's youngest grandchild toddling across the floor, dancing with Jerry.

Because I've only recently started to use this eMail service {copper.net}, I'm not used to all the doo~dads just yet and I haven't figured out how to save pix that are sent to me on my computer. And I'm sure that not thinking very clearly is contributing to my slowness.

So perhaps tomorrow will be a better day for us both! And I might even get around to posting a few pix. Maybe.

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