06 November 2009

last week

last week, there were all sorts of folks around and about in preparation for the wedding and all the festivities that went with it. in the evenings, the front porch was a bit crowded with folks visiting, laughing and chatting. awhile back, my jerry and i had bought a fire~pit/brazier. we were planning to set it up out under the trees and had set some swings and benches and chairs up in anticipation. and then, several days of hard rains hit, and the front yard became a lake. so we decided to fire up the brazier on the front porch. turned out to be a very good idear.

a few weeks ago, one of jerry's daughters returned a box fan to us and i haven't yet taken it apart and cleaned it so i left it setting on the front porch. due to the nature of a brazier and the fact that the porch's roof is not all that high, we'd set the box fan up in a strategic place and sucked all the smoke that could have accumulated away from the front porch's occupants and made a very cozy atmosphere indeed. that brazier is most likely some of the best money we've spent!!

one of jerry's sons is an artist and he got to carving on one of the pumpkins we'd used to prop open the interior double doors of the building that our reception was in. i meant to take pix of him working on it, but didn't. so tonight, i light the pumpkin spice candles in it, and remembered to get it on film!

i wanted to show some of the detail that goes into something like this! i didn't capture it exactly, but i think you can figure it out. thanks, dude!

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  1. Beautiful pumpkin! Loving that you are married ... now on to read the most recent posts. I've been remiss. Again. ::sigh:::


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