18 November 2009

burrr-day greetings, party in my pants!

Well Monday was my birthday, and since we celebrated on Saturday, I didn't really expect much...but boy was I mistaken!

First off, I visited the gyn, which was a real treat and I think everyone should get to experience the joy of a uterine biopsy even if they have no uterus! I've had biopsies before on various parts of my body over the years, doctor's always seem to be more excited than I am about that lump or bump...I'm just a lumpy~bumpy person and always have been. However, I must say that the uterine biopsy takes the cake when it comes to intense awkward "just a lil pinch now" pain. I'm moderate to heavily tattoo'd {depends on your perspective} and am fairly accostomed to lil pinches, so this lil pinch rated right up there almost into the BIG pinch range. However in the overall scheme of things, it really was a lil thing.

But oh so much fun!!

And of course, getting felt up by a new doctor always ranks right up there on my funometer. But, oh wait, but the vaginal sonogram was the best! If you have never had a chance to experience one of these, rush right to your nearest gyn and ask for one! Even if you have no reason to require one, ask for one anyway! You'll be oh so glad you did!

Then, I met with my Jerry for lunch and then we filled out my life insurance application which is the greatest thing ever to do on your birthday! There is nothing quite like deciding do you want this coverage or that, and when they say this do they mean that deciphering abilities. It's the best ever!

Then I did a myriad of errands, including discontinuing a few utilities at my old place on the farm. The lady at the power company insisted that I didn't have an account. She seemed to never have encountered anyone who has gotten married and so their name in no longer the same. I wish that the usual woman was there, but she wasn't. Perhaps I should have waited...

And then! Then I met with my bookclub on campus at Barnes and Noble. And then, I came home to my Jerry.

Now I've used some heavy sarcasm earlier, but this is in total seriousness...I love, Love, LOVE black licorice. I have since I was a child. And Jerry knows this and bought me not just the Twizzler type...but there is this awesome Aussie Style which is softer and so strong, it is yummy! Made primarily with molasses, it made me moan and groan and sigh and engage in all sorts of facial contortions that Jerry snickered, chortled, and guffawed at my display of enjoyment.

He also gave me THE perfect birthday card with lots of inside jokes and cute lil drawings and big love. It was a perfect birthday, that lasted from last month when my mom took me for an endless shrimp dinner at Red Lobster to this week's black licorice still in the fridge. Thanks, guyses!


  1. Glad you had a great birthday. Love ya!

  2. I'm glad you had a great birthday too! And I am sorry I missed it!

    Belated Happy Birthday!


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