18 May 2006

a study, without funding

Recently, I have been reading studies, about studies, results of studies, funding for studies, and other study-related materials.  I came across this and wanted to share it with you.  Apparently there is quite a bit you can learn about a man by the way he urinates in public.

If a man is:     Then he usually:
Excitable        Shorts half twisted around, can't find hole, rips shorts.
Sociable         Joins friends in pee, whether he has to go or not.
Nosey            Looks into the next urinal to see how the other guy is fixed.
Cross-eyed    Looks into urinal on the right and left, pees into one in center.
Timid             Can't urinate if someone else is watching, flushes urinal anyway.
Indifferent      If all urinals are being used, pees in sink.
Clever           No hands. Shows off by fixing tie, looks around, pees on floor.
Worried        Is not sure of what he has been doing, makes a quick inspection.
Frivolous       Plays stream up and down and across urinal, tries to hit fly.
Absentminded     Opens vest, pulls out tie, pees in pants.
Disgusted       Stands for a while, gives up, walks away.
Childish          Leaks directly into the urinal bottom, likes to watch bubbles.
Patient           Stands very close for a long time waiting, reads newspaper with free hand.
Efficient         Waits until he has to take a crap, then does both.
Tough           Bangs dong against urinal to dry it.
Fat               Has to stand back to take a long blind shot, misses, pees in shoe.
Little            Stands on box, falls in.
Drunk          Holds left thumb in right hand, pees in pants.
Impatient     Always in a hurry, pees down back of guy ahead of him.
Withdrawn   Places feet in urinal, pees down leg so no one hears.
Sneaky        Farts silently while peeing, acts very innocent, knows that the man in the next stall will be blamed.

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