15 May 2006

Too Tired

I've been feeling tired today.  Too tired.  I can't even take a nap, I'm so tired!

Yesterday, my guy and I went to Tupelo's Gum Tree fest.  It was nice to see the crafters and the vendors.  I loved the demonstrations, especially the black-smithy.  There were entertainment stages and a wide variety of foods and drinks.  I'm glad we went.

We stopped at my guy's mother's house, but she wasn't there. So we left the stationery and cards on the table.  Then we drove to one of his sister's, thinking maybe she might be there.  His sister told us that great great aunt went into the hospital the night before, and that that's where his mother was.  So after a bit, we dropped by the hospital and visited them both.

She is an amazing woman, this 95 year old great great aunt.  The first time I had met my guy's family, I had met her too.  She has a sharp mind, wonderful wit, and is a true lady.  I feel very comfortable with her.

Her oxygen level is low.  Her white blood cell count is high.  She snoozed a bit while we were there.  If anyone deserves to be tire, it is this lovely lady.

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