14 May 2006

My Mother, a tearful woman of strength

I know that most people will say, "my mom is the best."  To them I say, "to you she is, and that is a good thing."  To me, my mom is the very best of all possible moms to have.  We are a good fit, for the other.

Perhaps even more important is that we would choose to be friends, even if I was not her daughter and she were not my mother.  We like each other.  We do love each other, yes, but we enjoy each other's company.

We tell each other of incidences that will bring tears of laughter.  We confide doubts, concerns, hurts, troubles, and regrets that bring tears of compassion.  We share triumphs, victories, goals, and dreams that bring tears of joy.  We share all the things inbetween, things that make us human, things that make us women, things that make us mother and daughter.

My mother is a solid model for me to emulate.  She is wise, strong, and true to herself.  She is human, with all the wonderful attibutes and acceptable flaws inherent to our species.  She possesses great grace, warm humor, considerate wisdom, and an unbeatable drive.

My mom, my mentor.  Happy Mother's Day, memom.

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  1. A  little  corny(ok a LOT)  but  i'm  sure  the  "apple" doesn't fall from the tree ,it can't with a honoring like that. Glad  to  see  you  have  a  good  relationship  with your Mom I have a great relationship  with  mine  as  well.
     E-mail  me  dkb , and  tell me a little about yourself ,You  sound  very nice ,kind , and compassionate  and i'll   do same  if  you  like  
         Have  a  great  day!!



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