31 May 2006


Memorial Day is the unofficial start of the summer season.  Forget this end of June, summer solstice, official proclaimation; we are already experiencing the high temperatures, the humid heaviness, the riotious growth of all this green, and the variety of produce available.  The first cook-out has been had, the first watermelon has been enjoyed, the first mowing is long past.

My guy and I went to see my folks.  It was great to spend time with them.  We caught up on all the comings, goings, and other doings.  They invited neighbors and friends over for a cook-in, which included all the cook-out, picnic, summer foods but prepared and eaten indoors.  It was good to meet the people in their community and hear the news tid-bits.

While we were there, my guy and I did a few things that focused on the two of us.  We went for a small walk along some very scenic trails and, for the first time in years, I meandered in the woods for some length of time.  We also found a swimming hole and enjoyed some time together, the cool waters, and antics of those hurling themselves off rock-formations into unknown depths.

I enjoyed the entire trip tremendously.  Yes, there were the intrusive headaches that caused nausea and vertigo.  Yes, there was a general slow sluggishness that dragged me into quiet, fitful slumber.  Yes, there were scattered flights of fancy that made focus a near impossibility.  But it was great to see my folks, wonderful to spend time with my guy, and good to see the beauty of the land.

I hope that your summer is starting just as nicely.


  1. A swimming hole! See, a suitee would have come in handy!

  2. Oh Debs, sounds Simply Divine!

    Your day gets my vote for best unofficial start of summer!



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