28 January 2006


I didn't realize it was so long since my last entry.

Quick update on some happenings:

I've resumed going to the gym.  I haven't done any of the machines, but do get in the pool.  The lap pool's heater is kaput, so I've been submersing my body in ch-ch-chilly waters.  The benefits are dual.  I get to cool my entire blood flow and that helps the pulled muscles and such.  I also have the pool to myself, basically.  Cuz no one other than a few hardy souls wants to climb into cold water and swim around, spending time in there.  I usually stay in there for a 2 hour block.  Then I visit the hydrotherapy pool and allow the heat to work its wonders.  They did tell me to alternate hot and cold!

I'm teaching some folks some sign.  We started with the food like I stated previously.  I'm throwing in other stuff as it comes up.  We've also been reviewing the alphabet.  The girl wants to invent her own signs, but if we don't use signs that others already use, then they won't know what we are signing!  So, we have to go over that concept alot cuz she is young and doesn't quite grasp it.

My guy is here this weekend (hooray!!).  He has been terribly busy and I understand when he is tied up and bogged down (that sounds like a mafia move) and can't make it here, but I am always glad to see him when he does make it down.  He is sleeping the good sleep (another reference to the mob, gee, I didn't think I had it in me!) and getting some quality rest.  That's one of the things he seems to do here that he doesn't get a chance to do at home.  Cuz my place is restful and peaceful and calm and soooooooooooothing.

Well, my shoulder is lots and lots better.  Sometimes it tweaks and I swear it flashes a pain so bright I gasp.  But it is getting tons better.  I don't think I will do any chest presses, rowing, lateral pull downs, etc. any time real soon, though.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I hope you have a good weekend, and some respite from the flashes in that shoulder. I know exactly what you mean with those...makes you want to find the bullet hole, LOL. Take it all at your own pace. See ya later!


  2. you are one brave woman to go into the pool in cool water; I'm more of 88 degrees or above swimmer; not one to like cold water!

    Glad the shoulder's doing better


  3. I'm glad you are braving the cold water...I have a hard time with that...the cold makes my skin hurt. LOL  Ya'll have a good time this weekend.




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