07 January 2006


I got home Wendesday afternoon, scrubbed the top layer of grime off the kitchen floor, swept the rest of the floors free of doggie-tracked mud and leaf-debris, spent oodles of time with the pups, did laundry, unpacked my car, and sorted through over 3 weeks of mail...

Thursday was Group Day.  Support Groups for NAMI, that is.  I also did a ton of errands between the group sessions.  Paid all the bills for this month, found a pet-crate for Ace (we discovered that he loves having his own little space that is not available to the others, and I've found that he messes less, thereby meaning that I can perhaps in the near future put my rugs back in place), and took care of some things for the gym.

Friday, I had my assessment at the gym.  My blood-pressure was elevated, so they didn't want me to do the bike test.  But I did all the others.  Lesson learned:  there is a reason that I should not have caffiene (d'uhm debbie, d'uhm).  Monday I will do a blood-draw and then Tuesday I am scheduled to finish my assessment and be oriented and then I'll be ready to USE the gym.

I also did a few other things, including stopping at the Social Security office for yet another attempt at explaining that what was supposed to happen, didn't, and that my checks are being cut in amount when they are not supposed to...FINALLY, I managed to get some sort of response which included action, forms, and a number and name to call to check progress.  Yea!!!

My fat butt needs the gym, and how!  I weigh in at 232.3 pounds and at 5'6" (and according to my skin-caliber measurements), my BMI is at 36.something.  That's not good, no matter what sort of health conditions I have or don't have.  I figure for my weight, I should be at least 7'2"...

I do feel good about what progress in my "to-do" list has been made.  But there is still so much more.  At least it feels managable, for the most part.


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