16 January 2006

Time is flyin'!!

Time is flyin' by...at an alarming rate.  Here it is, half the month of January, shhhhum, gone.

I had a hard time motivating myself to go to the gym today, but I went.  Man, I should have gone way earlier than that!  It was not very crowded, but more than usual for me.  Last week, I had it timed pretty good and went during mid-day, when most folks are working or otherwise occupied.  Today I had to wait for a few of the machines.  It wasn't nearly as bad as the few times I tried to use the university's gym.  But it was still more of an interruption in the flow of my workout than I really wanted.

I am getting it all down pat and increasing some of the reps on the machines.  I've also lengthened the amount of time on the recumbent or new step, warming up.  I was doing it for 10 min, at a moderate level.  But a few times I have gone with 15 minutes.  Maybe next week I will bump it up to 20 min.

Tomorrow is a water work-out class.  I went last Thursday to it and met some nice folks.  They drive in from places that are about half an hour away.  They say that this gym is the nicest.  I believe them.

My guy and I went yesterday.  He said that the gym was not intimidating and the staff seem to be friendly, as do the other members.  It's true too.  I don't feel like I have to work out before I go, like I did at the university.  There are all different body types.  The folks that seem to be used to working out, don't get all huffy with us who are just started.  There is no primping and preening.

I like that.


  1. Oh I would like that too! Where do I sign up, LOL? Our local gyms are all like Beauty Salons rather than sweat shops...


  2. WTG that you can see improvements in your workouts! Good for you for keeping with them too.


  3. Good for you dahlin'!  Increase 5 min? NOOOOOO

    Just enjoy where you are.  This is the point where people start getting hurt...trust me.  LMAO



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