12 January 2006

golly gee willikers, ma'am

Several entries posted in a timely fashion, what will I do next?

This morning I woke with a hammering headache and just barely got to the bathroom in time.  I called my friends, who cofacilitate the various groups, to let them know that I didn't think I'd make it out of the house today.  I put the doggies out and climbed back into bed.  Ah sweet slumber, odd dreams, but I did get some serious rest.

I let my pups in to eat then shushed them back out.  It's a nice day, temperature wise, so I am not worried about the lil guys shaking and shivering.  I peeked out at them, they were all romping around with each other, so I know they are happy.

Yesterday, when I went to the doctor's, we changed out one of my meds.  I was rather vociferous about it.  Now this morning, I am really hoping the headache is in no way related.  I don't think it is.

I am really rooting for this new med.  I had been gaining weight at an alarming rate on the other and this one is not supposed to have the same side-effects.  So, I'm hoping that combined with the exercise, the improved eating habits, that the new med will be just the ticket for me.

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  1. I hope the new med does what it should do and that your headache is better by now.



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