11 January 2006

Lay me lil head down

Last night, as I was closing up house and getting ready for bed, I stopped to love on all the babies.  Shaddow was sprawled out on her couch, but she was considerate and left room for Ace.  Ziggee was commandering his chair.  All three were chuffing along contentedly.

Ace even went inside his cage and got out his pad (it's just a sheet that's been folded over so it's nice and thick and cushy).  He carried it up to the couch and snuggled down in its folds.  He looked so cute that I didn't want to move him.

Today, I stopped at the gym after I saw the dr.  I did the recumbent bike for 15 minutes.  Then I did all 8 machines that are on my sheet.  Most of them are core strengtheners, all of them are ones I did for PT.  I do 3 sets of 10-15 reps.  The weight depends on the machine.  After I did all that, I marked my sheets and then read for awhile til I cooled down enough to go outside.

It's been unseasonably warm, but I still try to be careful, cuz I don't want to get sick.  When I got home, I made kaluski (pronounced hal-loo-skee)--a dish with onions, cabbage, and noodles.  Then, I laid down for a few.  I didn't sleep, but I did rest.

I am very tired now, think I will make it an early evening.  My head is hurting some.  My left eye and down the back of the left side of my neck are sending shooting pains into my skull.  Not pretty.

So, I think I will go tuck the doggies in....have sweet dreams.

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  1. that dish you made sounded interesting. Hope you got a restful sleep.



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