10 January 2006

Three dog night

My boston terrier, Ace, is askairt of storms.  He cuddles up close, trying to climb into my armpit and burrow his head into my ribs.  His entire body trembles and those obnoxious flatulent fumes?  Well, they seem to become exponentially worse during these times of terror.

Poor guy.

On the other hand, Shaddow (black lab) and Ziggee (rat-cha) seem to love the outdoors with a passion that does not exclude storms.  Shaddow gets drenched, her coat holding massive amounts of water.  Ziggee just loves Shaddow so much so that he emulates her every habit as much as he possibly can.  But he is just a lil guy and when he gets all excited, he too trembles like my other lil guy (Ace; getcher mind outta the gutter!).

Tonight, all three of them have crowded around my feet.  The office smells like ripe farts, wet doggie fur, and slobberree bones.  Whatta combo, eh?

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  1. so cute! We haven't had too many thunderstorms since we got our Corgi puppy about a year ago, but he didn't seem to mind the ones we got. He's funny, though, after a snowfall; tentatively going out, gingerly walking until he decides he likes it and then he prances and hops around like a bunny. Gotta love our little furry animals :)



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