26 May 2005

They called her Snow White....

...until she drifted.
So, the other day I was visiting the university library, looking at the PS 3000+ section (where there is some pretty decent fiction).  I see this book.  I take it off the shelf.  I think, ya know, this looks pretty decent.  And it's full of short lil punchy witticisms.  Which I like.  Then I think, ya know, what with my attention span being so short and uhhhhhm oh! yeah, my need for a little light-hearted wit...this might just be the read for me.

So, now ya know, this is what I'm reading.  Just wanted to share.  Cuz "Too Much of a Good Thing is Wonderful".

by Regina Berreca....who thanks the cover artist because there really are people who judge a book by it's cover.  And I have to admit, it was the cover that hooked me to start with.  The witty lines drew me in.  I'm a sucker, what can I say?!?

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  1. If she were a blonde with a page boy, she would be me......sounds like a fun read. Anne


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