22 May 2005

Summer's Preview

I would say that summer is here.  But, we might still have a cool spell in the making.  I know that there hasn't been enough rainfall so far.  All the bodies of water (including mine, wriggling eyebrows while smirking and giggling) are a bit low.  I've seen some coast line that revealed new and fertile (and smelly) muck.  Very fecund.

Speaking of fecund...

I've been having some fruitilicious ideas of late.  Thing is, usually they occur when I'm not really in the best place to jot them down.  And I have a holee memory when it comes to some things.

But, I can say this, I am feeling the ol creative juices flowing, so I hope to keep em pumping and produce some good stuff.  In writing, in crafting, and in other projects.  Such as gardening and some on going collaboration with NAMI.

Cheerio, sweettarts!

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  1. I live on the coast as well. Hopefully with the cooler Spring we will have less bugs.




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