09 May 2005

Just a few thoughts

To recapp, Shaddow is my 3.5 yr old black lab whom I have had since she was 2 months old.  Ziggee is my 2 yr old rat-cha whom I have had for about a month now.  Picture a 65 pound sweet girl (small for a lab, big for a dog) and a less than 10 pound scrappy guy (large for a rat-cha, small for a dog) mouthing off with each other.  They scramble atop my bed, in which I am not.  Baring the teeth, lips peeled back in soundless snarls and sneers, mouths open, she captures his head, he twists out and clamps down on her foreleg, then she throws a paw over his belly and pins him down, and he grabs her ear and tugs it.  All this is quiet and about as authentic as professional wrestling.

They love each other, I can tell.

1 comment:

  1. You paint quite a picture there...it's "smack down" in the professional dog wressling world right atop your bed.....girl, this could be American's funniest viedo's.   Anne


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