21 May 2005

Freaky Friday

Yes, I KNOW it's Saturday...but this is about yesterday.  And a bit about Thursday.

My guy asked me Thursday how I felt about Star Wars.  I stared blankly at him.  He said, "you know, the movies...?"  I still was slack jawed.  Then he tried again (bless his heart, he knows how easily I become befuddled), "want to see the Sith?"

At this point, I shocked him, "I have NO clue what you are talking about.  I mean, I vaguely remember hoopla about Star Wars the Original movies back when I was a kid.  My brother had a star wars robe or pj's or something..."  At this point I notice my guy is regarding me strangely.  So, I continue, "but I don't know WHY they are releasing remakes, I mean it's not like scads of time has elapsed..."  I dwindled off, because NOW he is regarding me with something akin to pity and horror.

"Honey," he speaks softly and slowly, as he does when I am in the midst of panic attacks.  "They are not remakes.  The three movies are prequels to the originals.  Didn't you see the originals?"

I admitted that I had not, but I know people who did.  They were scarred for life.  Most of them are rabidly enthusiastic ("trekkies").  I thought it might be better to keep my distance from such a toxic oddity.

Then I asked, "so these prequels, these current Star Wars movies...they would be like if the movie the Hobbit were released now after the Rings series?"

A pained expression crossed his face.  He had already been through the whole "rings" ordeal with me.  I had to see the trilogy about 6 times, with commentary and endless questions, in order to have a clue as to what was going on, why was it going on, who was who, where, when etc.   But, he said that yes, it was sorta like that.

I noticed he was still regarding me as though I were some strange specimen never before encountered on this earth, let alone in his living room.  So, I asked if he were alright.  He said that he was, but he really couldn't believe that I was so so so....words failed to describe the deepths to which I were oblivious of this Stars Wars thing.

"It's like," he groped for the right words.  I jumped in, helpfully, "like missing a piece of Americana?"  "YES," he rushed.  "Exactly."

SOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo, yesterday, Friday....I go with him to Tunica for a conference that he attended on "Play Therapy".  Afterwards, he asks, "how are you feeling?"  "Ok"  "Really?"  "Uh-huh"  "Feel like seeing a movie?"  "Sure"

AND that is how I ended up seeing the Sith last night.  He explained that the first two prequels hadn't really been all THAT essential to the overall plot of the Star Wars entity.  But this one would most likely explain the background story enough so that I could REALLY understand the 3 original Star Wars.

So, I saw it.  I saved my questions til the end (not wanting to disturb the other movie-goers).  I thought it was alright.  I understood most of it.  I am now ready to see the originals, for the first time.


OH, and I do apologize to any and all who are in deep shock over this entry and the fact that there are indeed folks, right here in America, who haven't seen Star Wars.  Sorry.  But my guy has now introduced me to the Star Wars world, and you have one less clueless person convert.


Ewoks, what were they, again?


  1. I have never seen any of them either. I vaguely remember taking my kids and neighborhood kids to see the original, but had to run to the concession stand and bathroom so many times with so many kids, don't remember a thing. What I do remember is this: The TOYS, the BEDDING, and the clothes. They had it all and I sold it at my first garage sell in 1994. I sold everything for next to nothing and everytime I go into an antique store and see all of the things I sold, I want to cry. I am afraid the boys will never let me live it down.           Anne

  2. Naw you are not alone and at least are not spewing venom at those of us poor fools who have sold our souls to the Force. Besides at least you stayed awake for the Lord of the Rings, took my love to the Fellowship of the Ring, LOR #1, and she promptly fell asleep, and SNORED. Hey, that's one way to avoid getting dragged to any of the others. You were/are a terrific good sport and I'm sure your guy appreciates it beyond explanation... actually it doesn't take much to make most of us guys speechless (so my wife says).

    Hey I heard a rumor that they will be making a movie of The Hobbit... sharpen up on your Tolkien lore. Umm... I think my wife has already given notice that she has an appointment for a root canal or something the day that movie premiers (and any other day I ask her to attend).

    Here's my assignment, stop by when you get a chance.


  3. OK, i'm not the only one who hasn't seen Star Wars.  :)


  4. I'm witchya sista....I've never seen it nor would I



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