24 May 2005

puppy love

Neither of my two pooches are pups any longer.  But they are still my babies.  Shaddow has been with me since she was 2 months old.  She is now almost 4 years old.  Shaddow is a black lab, about 65 pounds.  Sweet, soft, gentle as could be.  So very very loving.  And a very good girl, too.

Ziggee is 2 years old, although I have only had him for about 6 or 7 weeks.  He is a "rat-cha" (part rat terrier (feist) and part chihuahua).  I think he weighs about 10 pounds or so.  He gets jealous of attention shown to anyone other than him.  He is my cat in a dog suit, curls up in my lap without causing me endless sneezes.

Shaddow and Ziggee get along well.  They play and sleep together.  Ziggee has a few bad habits that need to be broken, unlearned.  Shaddow, on the other hand, is the near perfect pooch.  The only thing is, she tolerates being cuddled.  While Ziggee practically demands it.

I love them both.  Shaddow is my first puppy love.  Ziggee is a new experience for me.  And though they are very different from each other in many ways, they are both in my heart to stay.

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  1. I just love my animals.........past and present. Are they just the best?  Anne


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