11 June 2015

Imma Ijit

Last night, I visited a profile I'd forgotten I even had...yahoo!  I belong to a few Yahoo! Groups that I find useful.  The updates are mailed to me, usually on a daily basis.  Most times, I glance thru the summary and delete, but sometimes I have the time and inclination to respond to an item of interest.  One of my crochet groups had a link to an older post which showed a round ripple, and I went to the Yahoo! Group.  But on the way, Yahoo! wanted me to verify this and update that, most of which I skipped.  But I ended up at my profile, and saw this:

Instantly, it reminded me of younger days, when I was a tad creative with colored pencils and lighter of heart and attitude.  Le Mon from my banner resulted from those days, as did Imma Ijit {who could probably be a very distant cousin of Stewie's, the lemon~head baby on Family Guy}.  I was experimenting with how a few well placed lines could completely capture a certain expression, flow of movement, or personality.  What you don't see here is that Imma is wearing a pair of lace up boots, similar to Doc Martens, with her billowy skirt, feminine top, choker neckband, and bald head.  She rocks!

Imma has a sister, Ermmahh, who is shy and hesitant.  She's hidden somewhere.  I won't go dig her out, because I need to be tidying things up, not tearing apart my home!

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